Championship Hole #12

Par: 4  
Men's Handicap: 14
Ladies Handicap: 10
Red Tee: 274 Yards
Gold Tee: 284 yards
White Tee: 354 yards
Blue Tee: 369 yards
The tee shot is extremely demanding with many visual factors that cause confusion for the player. First, dogleg right with a fairway that slopes in the opposite direction, second tee shot is from a perceived chute that makes a player feel restricted and third shots that are hit straight can be blocked by the row of trees on the left or a fairway that will kick the ball further away from the green and in the rough. Shot shape and the commitment to that shape is extremely important here.
The second shot is straight forward if you are able to find the fairway however the green complex while mainly open is extremely difficult depending on the pin location.  This is one of the wedge shots that players love to have but understand that if not executed properly can lead to a bogey quickly.  The back right pin should be considered the most difficult.
The green is framed with one bunker on the left which will catch shots not struck solid. The green is fairly flat in the front however the further back you go the more the hump in the back center affects your putting which slopes severely off the back left of the green.  Again great care needs to be considered when hitting your second shot into this green with an understanding of the green slope you are hitting to.

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